B30W Baler

Are you looking for a baler with a large filling opening? Do you want to avoid having to fold large cardboard boxes? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, the B30W Baler is the ideal solution.

The chamber inside holds rows of retainers helping to keep down waste material whilst ensuring it doesn’t get clogged. Compaction is carried out efficiently with dense bales produced every time. Once the chamber reaches capacity a ‘full bale light’ will alert you. Bales can be removed easily with an automatic eject system and tied off without any trouble.

Benefits of the B30W include a fast cycle time of just 43 seconds. Steel wire and strapping can be used for flexible binding and the machine itself operates with low levels of noise. Dimensions of the model are in mm at 2075 x 1275 x 3280. Actual bale size is 1525 x 800 x 1100mm. Cardboard bales weigh between 375 and 500 kg with plastic 400 to 600kg.

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Press Force


Waste Volume


Feed Opening

WxH (mm) 1525 x 560

Bale Size

WxDxH (mm) 1525 x 800 x 1100

Bale Weight (KG)

375 - 600

Waste Types

Cardboard, Plastic

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B30W Baler


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Is a B30W a mill size baler?
Yes, the B30W produces cardboard bales of up to 500kg.
Do you have a baler that can handle wide boxes from TVs?
Our widest baler, the B30 Wide, can even handle empty packaging from 65” widescreen TVs, and you need not break down the boxes first. Look for the dimensions of the filling openings of each baler under the product specifications.

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Product Features

  • Easy to fill with the large filling opening

    There is no need to fold even large cardboard boxes. Inside the chamber, rows of retainers keep down the waste material, giving efficient compaction and a dense bale.

Key Features:
  • Fast cycle time - The baler has a fast cycle time of only 43 sec
  • Flexible binding - Steel wire and strapping can be used
  • Good working environment - due to a very low noise level of only 62 dB
Technical Specifications
Press Force (T)30
Power supply3x400V 50Hz 16A
Motor (kW)4.0
Noise level (dB)62-64
Cycle time (s)43
Dimensions WxDxH (mm)2075 x 1275 x 3280
Weight (kg) 1640
Filling opening WxH (mm)1525 x 560
Filling height (mm)1260
Chamber height (mm)1680
Stroke (mm)1000
Bale size WxDxH (mm)1525 x 800 x 1100
Bale weight cardboard (kg)375-500
Bale weight plastic (kg) 400-600
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