Small Vertical Balers

A waste management policy is only as good as the machinery you have to help remove the waste from your site. Small vertical balers are the perfect solution for companies with smaller amounts of cardboard and plastic to remove. The modest sizes of small vertical balers mean they fit neatly on a premises, helping to reduce the volume of waste on-site, making a cleaner, safer environment to work in.

Small Square Vertical Balers

With baled packages of cardboard or plastic comes the opportunity to gain a new form of revenue from recycling and helps your business to lower its potential environmental impact. Our small vertical balers have a range of capabilities, with three to ten tonnes of pressing force, high loading capacity, automatic bale ejection, a variety of bale sizes and very easy handling - reducing labour costs.

Reducing labour costs and improving on-site safety with a small vertical baler.

A small vertical baler is the perfect choice for smaller retail shops and industrial companies, taking up little space but providing a lot of baling power.

B3 Baler

Choose the B3 Baler if you want to combine high compaction with a small footprint and low height. When a bale is ready you are alerted by the flashing indicator. This small baler is extremely compact, fitting exactly where you need it.

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B4 Baler

Click to view additional features offered by the B4 baler. Comprised of a 4 ton press force, operation is simple and straightforward giving perfect results every time. This small baler produces minimal noise and is safe to use daily.

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B5W Baler

If you don’t wish to compromise when it comes to performance, the BW5 small baler is exactly what you need. Whilst handling smaller amounts of waste this machine handles bulky materials and boasts a wide filling opening of 1 meter.

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X10 Baler

Suitable for smaller retail stores and industrial companies, the X10 is ideal when space is limited. This perfectly compact, small baler performs optimally for businesses requiring high capacity. View the product for more details.

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Please Note: Higher volume machines are available, please contact us for more infomation.

  • Reduce your overall business waste up to 90%.
  • Increase profits from selling your waste materials.
  • Reduce labour costs.
  • Improve on-site safety.