Q&A: How Can a Self Cleaning Compactor Work for Me?

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Q&A: How Can a Self Cleaning Compactor Work for Me?

We launched our range of self cleaning compactors last year, and since then we’ve had customers from all over the UK asking about them. We decided to do a Q&A with our Technical Director Steven Evershed on why so many companies are choosing self cleaning compactors.

Hi Steven. It seems like self cleaning compactors are the new must-have. What is a self cleaning compactor and how does it work?

They certainly are. A self cleaning compactor is a portable compactor that never needs cleaning behind the press plate. On conventional compactors there is a void behind the press plate that can fill up with waste that has worked its way back there. If this area is not cleaned regularly it can result in damage to the hydraulic rams and hoses, damage to electrical systems, or may even result in a vermin issue.

On the other hand, self cleaning compactors have been designed to have no areas where waste can build up. The press plate is normally a swinging arm rather than a plate that goes forwards and backwards, stopping the build up of waste and meaning no cleaning behind the plate is necessary.

They’re so popular because clients don’t have to worry about cleaning the machinery so often – and of course they avoid the problems that arise when they’re not well looked after.

What are the benefits of having a self cleaning compactor?

There are numerous benefits, including:

  • No cleaning behind the plate is needed, saving staff time
  • There is no risk of damage to hydraulic rams and hoses or electrical issues due to waste build up
  • There’s no rotting waste to clean up
  • It’s low maintenance for the operator because the chamber never needs cleaning out
  • Waste leaking in a regular compactor can lead to damage but self cleaning compactors help avoid such waste spills
  • Problems associated with leaking waste are avoided, including a reduced risk of vermin

Who could benefit from using a self cleaning compactor?

Self cleaning compactors are great for a range of industries, particularly where liquid or food waste is produced. Companies who use a sealed collection container also find self cleaning compactors worth their weight in gold. The amount of staff time saved by not having to clean old or leaking waste means large savings for the company.

Does a self cleaning compactor cost a lot more than a regular compactor?

Not at all. There is a very slight increase in cost, but all of my clients have found that the benefits far outweigh the extra cost.

A self cleaning compactor would be great but I already have a regular compactor and it doesn’t need replacing yet. What do you suggest?

Your regular compactor can be part-exchanged for a new self cleaning unit. Our customers who upgrade tell us they wish they’d had a self cleaning unit years ago!

Thanks Steven. What can customers do if they want to find out more?

No problem at all. If anyone wants to find out more and see if a self cleaning portable compactor would be right for them, they can speak to our team. They’re always happy to guide you through and offer advice on whether it will work for your business.

Customers can contact the Greenbank team on 01642 249924 or mail@greenbankwastesolutions.com

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