Roller Press Jumbo Compactor

The roller runs back and forth in an open-top container, compacting your waste with a payload of up to 10 tonnes, simply and economically.

Ideal for large volume applications:

  • Wholesale markets
  • Councils
  • Industry
  • Transfer stations
  • C.A. Sites
  • Food distribution centres
  • Recycling centres

The Roller Press Jumbo Compactor has been proved successful with pallets, heavy duty crates, fibreglass mouldings and many other difficult materials.

Why pay your removal contractors to remove 80% air-filled skips?

The Roller Press Jumbo Compactor

  • Reduces your transport costs by up to 80%
  • Compact pallets, crates and similar waste with ease
  • Allows recovery of materials for recycling
  • Cuts your landfill/incineration costs. Materials can be sold/removed for recycling

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