Rollpac Jumbo

The roller runs back and forth in an open-top container, compacting your waste with a payload of up to 10 tonnes, simply and economically.

Ideal for large volume applications:

  • Wholesale markets
  • Councils
  • Industry
  • Transfer stations
  • C.A. Sites
  • Food distribution centres
  • Recycling centres

The RollPac Jumbo has been proved successful with pallets, heavy duty crates, fibreglass mouldings and many other difficult materials.

Why pay your removal contractors to remove 80% air-filled skips?

The RollPac Jumbo

  • Reduces your transport costs by up to 80%
  • Compact pallets, crates and similar waste with ease
  • Allows recovery of materials for recycling
  • Cuts your landfill/incineration costs. Materials can be sold/removed for recycling
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