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Education waste management is a priority within Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities, all of which create and generate recyclable waste. Greenbank Waste Solutions can help with cost effective solutions.

Across educational sites such as school kitchens, canteens and classrooms, waste of varying natures is found and often in bulk. Education waste management is a costly process often impacting heavily on already tight budgets. Recyclable waste ends up in landfill which is a huge negative in terms of carbon footprint. Ideally, waste should be separated carefully and recycled accordingly. This will increase a footprint whilst also providing a source of revenue for an organisation. Interested in learning how you can achieve this? Speak to our specialists.

At Greenbank, our motto is ‘Making Waste Cost Less’. As part of this we have worked with a number of schools, colleges and universities across the UK on their education waste management processes. Products supplied to such organisations vary and include Food Compactors (ideal for use in school kitchens), cardboard balers (providing high density cardboard bales which can then be sold) and Plastic Balers for general plastic waste. The latter can also be sold and this is where the additional revenue stream comes from.

There are many benefits of using the above mentioned products and results are as follows:

  • Waste Cardboard and Plastic is sold – providing a new revenue stream
  • Handling times are reduced, as waste is now compacted into manageable bales
  • Hygiene and Pest Control is improved, with dedicated food handling compactors
  • Green credentials increased
  • Reduction is waste collection costs

If you are a facilities manager at a school, or are responsible for your organisations education waste management, please do get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your exact requirements.

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“We realised that much of the bulk of our bags of garden and classroom waste was caused by trapped air so that, effectively, we were paying landfill tax on air,”

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