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A number of high profile cases in the media have drawn attention to the increasing and very important government legislation focussing on both factory hygiene and the importance of correct waste management.

In recent years, Greenbank’s self-cleaning compactors have been highly sought after. These compactors are predominantly sold into the food and manufacturing industry, and provide benefits which are essential to food manufacturing plants.

They ensure that there is no waste leakage, reduced odours during the warmer months and provide a cleaner waste environment for your employees – whilst securing your waste from vermin. Self-Cleaning compactors provide an addition feature, in a curved base with a cleaning blade that prevents the build-up of sticky waste in difficult areas.

These are undoubtedly the compactor of choice for any business which disposes food and drink. These compactors are often used in conjunction with bin lifts, and businesses we work with in this sector often take advantage of our other products, in particular:

  • Cardboard Balers
  • Canteen/Bag Compactors
  • Polythene Balers

As well as keeping your premises clean and hygienic, the above products also save your business time, and money. A lot of our products, especially compactors and balers can pay for themselves within months, drastic savings can be made in the reduction of waste collections. Whilst some of the products, such as the Cardboard Balers allow you to add an extra revenue stream into your business through recycling.

Some of the brands we have helped in this sector include the NHS, Muller, Covent Garden Soup Co and Morrisons. All of our products can be completely custom made to your exact requirements and rental/finance is available. If you have any questions about these products, please do just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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