Healthcare facilities and hospitals are like miniature cities, producing a huge amount of food, commercial and offensive waste.

At Greenbank, we work with a number of hospitals, alongside facilities management teams to identify areas of improvement across the full range of Waste Management and Disposal.

Solutions we have provided include self-cleaning compactors for both food and offensive waste and also, Cardboard & Plastic Balers for recyclable waste.

The results of using these products can be seen instantly, grounds are cleaner with less waste to attract pests. Money is saved through a reduction in waste collection, and extra revenue streams are provided in the recycling of Cardboard and Plastic. Furthermore, facilities management teams report a significant reduction in handling times of waste.

The compaction of offensive healthcare waste has traditionally been avoided due to the potential exposure to foul odours or body fluids, using Greenbank’s bespoke self cleaning mobile compaction unit the possible threat of exposure will not be an issue.

If you have any questions about the products which we supply to healthcare organisations across the UK, please do get in touch and we will be happy to help. We are always happy to organise a full site visit and inspection, so we can understand your exact requirements before outlining the improvements we can make.

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