Retail Waste Management can prove difficult across the industry. With such a large amount of recyclable waste it needs to be disposed of economically and effectively.

Shops are designed with maximum ‘shop front’ floor space in mind, so small areas of warehouse and store rooms have the habit of filling up quickly. Packaging materials such as cardboard boxes and plastic are the main culprits accounting for 70% of the total waste the typical retail unit produces. We have a solution to suit your needs.

At Greenbank Waste Solutions, we have successfully worked with a number of organisations on their retail waste management needs. From large to small companies we have not only helped reduce the amount of space which packaging materials consume, but also lessened the cost of waste disposal whilst being kinder to the environment. Upon arrival to a retail outlet we are typically greeted with piles of cardboard all over the floor. This represents an often unavoidable health and safety hazard and it is during our consultation we can discuss how to eliminate this.

Using one of our Cardboard Balers, such waste can be quickly baled into small, high density transportable bales of cardboard, which can then be sold. The same applies to plastic bags and polythene, which can also be easily and quickly sorted into high density bales. As well as reducing the space taken up by waste, these products also allow you to reduce waste collections and in many cases – sell on the recyclable materials, which are easily picked up. This is something we can discuss in more detail.

We have an extensive collection of Balers available, in all shapes, sizes and capacities. Get in touch with a member of our expert team to learn more about this produce range, and discover how your retail business can benefit from compacting waste.

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