It’s often difficult for retail businesses and shops to handle the large amount of recyclable waste that they produce.

Shops are designed with maximum ‘shop front’ floor space in mind, so small areas of warehouse and store rooms can quickly fill up with packaging materials such as cardboard boxes and plastic, which accounts for 70% of the total waste the typical retail unit produces.

At Greenbank, we have successfully worked with a number of retail organisations, both large and small to not only reduce the amount of space which packaging materials consume, but also reduce waste disposal costs, whilst being kinder to the environment. Typically when we arrive at a retail unit for a consultation, we are greeted by cardboard all over the floor, which also represents an often unavoidable health and safety hazard.

Using one of our Cardboard Balers, such cardboard waste can be quickly baled into small, high density transportable bales of cardboard, which can be sold. The same applies to plastic bags and polythene, which can also be easily and quickly sorted into high density bales. As well as reducing the space taken up by waste, these products also allow you to reduce waste collections and in many cases – sell on the recyclable materials, which are easily picked up.

There’s a massive range of Balers available from us, in all shapes, sizes and capacities. Get in touch to learn more about this produce range, and discover how your retail business can benefit from compacting waste.

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