Welcome to Greenbank’s comprehensive range of waste management solutions. Our commitment to streamlining your waste processes and reducing environmental impact is at the core of our services.

Each of our services aims to achieve two goals:


Streamline your waste processes


Reduce their environmental impact

Waste Management Audit

With a waste management audit, you’ll gain valuable insights into your waste streams, paving the way for actionable improvements. Our audits hold the potential to revolutionise your recycling efforts – benefits include cost reduction, increased sustainability and enhanced rebates.

Beyond consultancy, our offerings encompass a diverse range of equipment and supplies, from balers and compactors to shredders, crushers, bin lift systems, and polystyrene compactors.

We understand that a successful waste management strategy requires a holistic approach, which is why we also provide a range of accessories designed to elevate your baling process, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.


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