Stuffer Frames – The Easy Way to Deal with Waste at Source

stuffer frames

Stuffer Frames – The Easy Way to Deal with Waste at Source

Stuffer frames are the easy way to deal with waste at source. They’re designed to easily separate materials to save time and money. We take a closer look at how they work.

What is a stuffer frame?

Stuffer frames are metal frames that hold sacks for waste. Designed to be lightweight and moveable, they can be placed at the source of waste for easy separation of materials. These materials can then be baled and sold to recyclers to generate extra income.

The frames themselves are available in two sizes, suitable for 240 and 400 litre sacks.

What are the benefits of stuffer frames?

Stuffer frames make dealing with waste quick and easy. They allow for easy collection and segregation of polythene, strapping and paper. Materials can be separated at source, saving your staff time sorting through waste.

The frame is designed with a narrow neck, to reduce spring-back of material and allow materials to be separated effectively. The waste can then be collected and baled at a central point to save time, energy and money.

Stuffer frames have many benefits:

  • Low cost
  • Allow for easy handling of waste
  • Free standing or fixed options available
  • Easily moveable
  • Narrow neck stops materials expanding out of the bag
  • Bag is easily released and tied ready for baling
  • Staff have time to focus on their core duties instead of sorting waste

How can they save me money?

As materials are separated at source, staff don’t spend time sorting through waste at a later stage. This frees up time, allowing staff to focus on their core duties and means your labour costs are kept to a minimum.

Where are these used?

Stuffer frames are used in all commercial applications where waste is produced at source. They are especially popular in retail, where packaging is constantly produced and needs to be discarded efficiently.

Where can I buy stuffer frames?

You can purchase stuffer frames from our website. They are available in two sizes, and fixed and moveable frames are available. If you have queries or you’re buying in bulk, speak to our team and they can assist.

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