That Horrible Job On A Monday Morning!

self cleaning compactor

That Horrible Job On A Monday Morning!

Have you ever been given the job of cleaning out the compactor? Or when you arrive at work on Monday morning, that smell from the waste yard is enough to knock you over? Does this ring any bells? 

This image is a common sight in our industry when people buy a standard portable compactor and use it to compact wet waste. What happens is the waste gets behind the press plate and erodes all the working parts that are situated behind it.

Common problems with this method include the following:

  • Rotting compactor floor.
  • Leaking waste from the compactors.
  • Higher repair costs.
  • Vermin visitors.
  • A build up of waste which forces the access hatches away from the machine structure.
  • Powerful & unpleasant odours.
  • Regular cleaning (if it’s done at all).

So how do we handle wet waste? We have the perfect solution to all the above problems — a self-cleaning compactor. 

At Greenbank, we offer a wide range of self-cleaning compactors to avoid these issues and provide the benefits of increased profits from selling your waste materials, reduced labour costs and an improvement in on-site safety. 

We also offer our compactors with drainage points, allowing for efficient and controlled drainage from the compactor chamber. Why not find out more about our self-cleaning compactors today?

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