The secret of good waste management

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The secret of good waste management

The secret of good waste management: Getting the most from your waste management company

Although waste management is relevant to almost every industry, the actual details are still rather vague to many managers. For some, it can seem a very secretive industry – one that performs its function and is never questioned unless a problem arises. The truth is, when you collaborate more closely with your waste management provider, the benefits can be endless. This blog will look at how you can get the most from your waste management company, and see the benefits for your organisation.

How does a waste management company work?

If you haven’t worked with a waste management company before, it’s easy to get started. Research online to see who the best companies are nationally. You can then get a feel for them over the phone. When you call, you should be able to speak to a specialist who can give initial advice on what products and services they provide that meet your company’s needs.

Most waste management companies will offer you a free on site assessment. They will visit your premises and review the processes you currently adopt to see how they can offer improvements. These might include:

  • more efficient equipment
  • streamlining processes to save staff time
  • using information systems to take away hassle and reduce labour costs
  • reducing the number of collections to save you money
  • advising on recycling materials and how much you could earn from selling recyclables
  • backhauling waste to a central point to maximise recycling payloads

You should then receive a quote with solutions that are relevant to your business. There are many solutions in waste management. Products come in many variations, such as different sizes and capacities, as well as products made for specific industries. There are also different levels of service – some companies will benefit massively from information systems, full service plans and backhauling of recyclables. However, these services aren’t right for all organisations so if the solutions offered don’t seem to fit with the information you give the company, you may need to consider an alternative provider.

How do you get the most from your waste management provider?

The secret is to let them in. Treat your waste management provider like a partner rather than a supplier. They hold the key to making processes more efficient, which will reduce staff time and increase productivity. They can help streamline your processes, making you more efficient and saving money on your bottom line. They can also suggest better ways to help with your recycling, make you more sustainable and reduce carbon emissions.

Clear communication benefits companies at all levels, and it’s also essential in getting the most from your waste management provider. When we begin work with a new client, we ask what their aims are. Is their primary aim to reduce costs? Are they looking to become more sustainable? Or are their staff busy and they need their waste management processes made simpler so they free up more time? Whatever the answer, there are ways that the waste management company can work with you to achieve these aims.

For example, we recently worked with Deli Solutions, who needed to cut costs and make their processes greener. By streamlining their systems and using efficient machinery, we managed to reduce their collections from twice a week to once a fortnight. By doing this, collection and landfill costs were reduced by 75%. Not only that, but the reduction of trucks on the road meant they had significantly reduced their carbon emissions.

Ask questions

The next best thing you can do to get the most from your waste management provider is to ask questions.

“How will this help me reduce costs?”

“Will this solution save my staff time?”

“If the machine happens to break down, what can you do to minimise downtime?”

“We are focussing on reducing our carbon emissions. How can you contribute to making our supply chain greener?”

All of these are logical questions, and your waste management company should be able to give you answers that show they are working with you. If they provide solutions that will truly help you achieve your aims, you are working with the right partner.

Follow these tips, and you’ll get the most from your waste management company – and in turn, you’ll see the benefits for your whole organisation.

To find out more about the benefits of working closely with your waste management company, read our blog on 10 ways effective waste management makes a manager’s life easier.

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