Vertical Baler Door Options

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Vertical Baler Door Options

Vertical baler door options aren’t often the first features that pop into your head when comparing vertical baler options. Nevertheless, they can be features that are absolute game-changers. 

The majority of our balers are equipped with standard doors, which open to the left. This solution is ideal for standard spaces where it’s not necessary to optimise space. For space restricted spaces we offer four types of non-standard door options. 

Vertical Doors

The vertical door (VD) design facilitates the loading of waste from both sides of the baler and reduces the space required to operate the machine. The door is closed and opened by the operator manually, using the handle and closing it in the same way after loading.

This type of door is available for the following models: B5W, B20 and B30.

Flap Doors

The flap door (FD) acts as a funnel – it facilitates easy flow of waste into the baler chamber. This type of door is worth considering if the baler will be placed in a narrow space or near the busy passage.

The following balers can also be produced with a flap door: X25X30 and X50.

Semi-Automatic Doors

The semi-automatic door (SD) is always open, which makes it easy to throw waste into the chamber at any time. This model requires the operator to manually close the machine downwards, whilst the door will open automatically when the press cycle is completed.

The Semi-Automatic door is available for the following models: B30W and B50.

Automatic Doors

Automatic doors (AD) ensure the highest possible efficiency and comfort of work for the operator during waste loading. They stay open by default, guaranteeing easy and quick loading. 

The door closes after pressing the button that starts the press cycle. After compaction is completed, the door opens again, allowing the next recyclables to be loaded.

This type of door is specially developed as an option for the following baler models: X25, X30 and X50.

To determine if you need a specific type of door, we can help. We offer complimentary onsite waste assessments for new and existing customers. An effective waste management strategy can help you to enhance your environmental profile, whilst also saving money and ensuring correct legal compliance. Book yours today. 

To find out more about vertical balers and the model types available for your business, download our brochure.

Vertical Balers for All Business Waste Needs

To see what kind of balers we have, plus the specifications of what each of these useful machines can provide, have a read through our vertical baler machine brochure. 

It’s the best place for curious professionals who are looking to improve their waste management processes with compaction machinery to begin looking. 

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