Whether you’re not happy with the effectiveness of your waste management processes or you feel that too much money is spent on your bin collections, a waste management audit with our director, Robin Evershed, would help you better understand your waste streams and recycling processes, pointing out what could be improved to maximise efficiency and reduce carbon footprint. If you’re interested in booking a quick 15 minute appointment with Robin for free, use the below button, or keep on reading to find out how a waste management audit could benefit your business.

The Benefits Of A Waste Management Audit

Reduce Waste Collection Costs

A waste management audit can help you identify parts of your waste/recycling processes that present opportunities for optimisation – whether that be ways to reduce the amount of time your employees spend on recycling tasks or reducing the number of bins that have to be collected weekly, thus reducing the fuel and other vehicle associated costs. Finding simple solutions to efficient processes can yield great cost reductions for your business.

Increase Sustainability 

Similarly to how a waste management audit can identify areas where you can reduce costs, it can identify ways in which you can increase sustainability. This includes finding processes that can be optimised to reduce waste production in your business or reducing the labour involved in the process, as well as increasing the amount of that waste that is recycled.

Not only will this further add to the cost savings for your business but it will also improve your image with consumers who focus on sustainability. If you’re a publicly listed company, another benefit would be a significant boost in your ESG rating.

Increase rebates

By baling your recyclable materials – such as cardboard, polystyrene or aluminium, you can sell them to recycling plants, thereby creating a new stream of income for your business. A waste management audit with Robin will help identify opportunities where you can start making money from your waste by installing balers and/or compactors . If you already have balers installed, there are still recommendations that we can make to help increase your rebates – such as improved segregation.

Reduce contamination 

Waste contamination can make your entire bale unrecyclable and thus uncollectable, leading to it being sent to a landfill – this is why reducing waste contamination is so important. A waste management audit will help you identify the sources of contamination so that you can clamp down on them quickly. This may include anything from the inefficient sorting of recyclable materials to using the wrong machinery.

Achieve ISO accreditation 

An ISO accreditation means that you’re been audited by a third party who confirmed that your business has demonstrated its ability to meet the latest waste management standards set by the International Standards Organization. A waste management audit can help you identify whether you have the correct waste management processes in place in order to achieve the various ISO accreditations for quality management.

Save staff time

Identifying opportunities for automation is another benefit of an audit with Robin. Automating your recycling processes as much as possible will help you reduce the amount of time your staff spend recycling, freeing up more time for them to get on with more important tasks. 

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A waste management audit has the potential to completely revolutionise your recycling processes, offering various benefits to your business, from reducing costs to helping you increase your rebates. If this sounds like something you’d like to explore further, use the below button to book a free audit with our director, Robin Evershed.

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