Waste Management Products And Services Tailored To You

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Waste Management Products And Services Tailored To You

Every business is different and that means every waste management process will be unique, influenced by the specific business needs and circumstances that you currently operate with. No waste management is too difficult to plan. With the right tailored service, every organisation can experience the benefits that come from having the right policies and waste management methods in place. 

Here at Greenbank, we offer experienced, calculated support for many crucial aspects of waste management. To discover how you can tailor waste management products and services to your needs, read through this detailed blog. 


For any business, deciding upon what’s wanted and, more importantly, what’s needed out of waste management policies and practices can be confusing. Not everyone is an expert on the topic. Plus, managers, executives and day-to-day employees have a number of other business-critical tasks they want to focus their time on. 

We understand that and want to help you stay ahead of the game when it comes to waste management so that it doesn’t ever get to the point where it’s overwhelming. Our services are bespoke, supportive and expertly managed. But what exactly is on offer to help you plan for the most efficient waste management? 

Waste Audits

Improving your environmental profile, reducing costs and ensuring compliance is the end goal for waste management. However, that can’t be achieved without first analysing your site and identifying the key processes and areas that need improving. 

We offer a complimentary, onsite waste audit to provide an evaluation of your site. Our experienced technical advisors will visit, gather information on waste streams, current management methods and existing machinery and labour requirements.

Then, using this data we’ll create a free, no-obligation cost analysis and tailored solution for your business. This will show you the potential waste management improvements and solutions that could be in place and the kind of savings you could be looking at. 

Just get in touch to book one with us

Site Plan Reviews

As part of our audit, we’ll also review the current set-up of your site. Not only are we looking into what machines you have, but where they’re actually located on your site, alongside your labour requirements. The efficiency of a machine can be greatly reduced if it’s located in a poor choice of place, such as somewhere that isn’t easily accessible.

We’ll be able to determine just exactly how your site should be planned, in order to get the most efficiency out of your machinery, your workforce and your waste management policy as a whole.


Here at Greenbank, we pride ourselves on our range of products. Each one is built for a specific number of purposes, satisfying each with efficiency, safety and a real positive impact on your ROI.

So what do we have available?

Vertical Balers 

Vertical balers are the perfect waste baling solution for businesses that produce a small to medium volume of waste. They have a small physical footprint, easily fitting into sites with less space and find themselves at home in many places, from retail stores to industrial sites. 

Suited to cardboard and polythene waste streams, with some being geared towards baling plastic bottles (PET) or expandable plastic, a vertical baler is the right choice for anyone serious about their recycling efficiency. 

Our balers are energy efficient, safe, easy to use and fast. For example, our mill-sized balers (such as the B50 model) have a cycle time of 26 seconds – 14 seconds faster than the industry average. 

We have a range of small, medium and large vertical balers to choose from, all satisfying different business needs. To explore the specifications and models we have on offer, download our brochure.

Semi-Automatic Balers

Semi-automatic balers differ from vertical balers in that they are larger, longer, can have higher press forces and are also used for larger amounts of waste. 

In contrast with vertical balers, the semi-automatic models have a side-loading profile and optional bin-lift system, meaning that large bins full of waste can be quickly and efficiently emptied into the balers. 

These models are the ideal choice for commercial users looking for increased revenues from dry recyclables, alongside reduced operational and labour costs.

Fully-Automatic Balers

Fully-automatic balers offer powerful performance, high-density bales, high energy efficiency and a maximum payload. All you need to do is load the waste and it will be crushed, baled and wrapped in wire, ready for transport, disposal or sale. 

With compact designs, each of our fully-automatic balers suits different needs. They can be supported by a range of loading options, such as bin lifters, through the wall chutes, pneumatic conveyors and belt conveyors amongst other methods. 

These baler types take up more space than vertical or semi-automatic balers do, making them perfect for larger sites with more voluminous waste streams. 

Portable Compactors

Portable compactors are the go-to for any business looking for quick, efficient waste compaction services. Their initial benefit is that they’re portable, helping you to create a flexible site set-up in line with any site-plan you may have. They can be positioned easily and moved if found to be in a non-satisfactory place. 

At Greenbank, we have a wide range of portable compactors, such as:

  • Standard portable compactors: Handling residual and ordinary commercial waste, these compactors require no site changes to accommodate the machine and can help to reduce overall business waste by 90%.
  • Self-cleaning portable compactors: For companies with food, liquid and wet waste, the self-cleaning portable compactor is ideal. Fully-sealed and with a self-cleaning compaction blade, you can feel assured that your waste compaction is as hygienic as possible.
  • Portable screw compactors: Built to specific requirements and taking up minimal floor space, the portable screw compactor is the right choice for companies dealing with wooden packaging, paper, foil and film, as well as disposal pallets as waste streams. 
  • High-capacity Wolfpak recycling compactor: These are mobile units that can be located on any firm ground, handling huge amounts of recyclable materials. They can also handle unconventional household waste, such as three-piece sofas, pallets and large amounts of garden waste. 

To explore more in-depth information about our portable compactor for cardboard options, click the link below to download our brochure. 

Static Compactors 

Static compactors are designed to stay in situ, with a wide range of models that offer different benefits. Compacting waste can help to improve onsite safety, reduce labour costs and even increase profits with a new revenue stream of saleable recycled waste.

We’ve also got static screw compactors, offering high-performance compaction while taking up a small amount of space. These types of machines can achieve up to 60% higher compaction compared to a standard compactor as they pre-crush the material, allowing you to achieve high capacity loading weights of up to 300kg compacted waste per m3.

Static compactors are versatile machines and can deal with bulkier waste items, up to and including furniture. With up to 380kN of compaction force, there’s not much that these machines can’t compact.

Polystyrene Compactors

Many people don’t realise that polystyrene is actually a recyclable material, but only with the right machinery. Our polystyrene compactors allow you to compact and sell this material, meaning you can potentially add to your revenue streams while ensuring less material is going to landfill.

Waste polystyrene is fed into the hopper, which is then shredded by rotation blades. This is then compacted into polystyrene blocks which feed out of the machine and can be easily stored. 

These machines are incredibly useful on sites that handle a lot of polystyrene. They’re also time-efficient, with our smallest model, the SC1100 polystyrene compactor, able to produce 25kg of compacted polystyrene per hour. Models such as the SC300 polystyrene compactor can produce up to 220kg of compacted polystyrene per hour. 

Unique Maintenance

No machines last forever, but with the right care and attention, you can extend their ROI much further into the future. Balers, compactors and other types of waste management machinery need regular care and maintenance in order to assure their benefits are available well into the future. 

The best way to ensure the right maintenance is with one of our baler and compactor servicing plans. Our skilled technicians and engineers offer three levels of maintenance servicing to suit your specific needs, alongside a uniquely tailored fourth option if you have any specific requirements. 

Our team of technicians and service engineers as Alcumus SafeContractor approved. They’re highly qualified and highly dedicated. They’re also out on the road, placed strategically to service machines up and down the country, working closely with you and your business to make sure your machines are capturing their full potential. Not only does this help to minimise downtime, it also helps minimise your carbon footprint

You can actually see our daily performance statistics on our website here – where we log our first time fix rate on call out breakdowns and our average call-out – from notification of machine breakdown to engineer attendance on site.

During a service, our qualified engineers will:

  • Check all moving parts.
  • Evaluate hydraulics and electrics.
  • Create a report on our PDA reporting system.

Their report will then be emailed to you in preparation for any audits. The work they do will be inline with the service plan of your choice. Our three options are as follows:

Standard Service

The Standard Service plan includes 1-4 preventative maintenance service visits per year. Services are carried out at regular intervals throughout the year and the number of services will vary depending on the type of machine and usage. Each service visit includes a total machine health-check for both electrical and hydraulic safety.

Mastercare XP

For a more economical option, we offer Mastercare XP. This offers the benefits of Mastercare, but doesn’t cover parts. A great option for peace of mind on a tighter budget. 


This package includes everything in the Mastercare XP package, plus all call outs (if deemed fair wear and tear), parts, travel time, onsite labour and even allows unlimited call-outs during working hours. 

To discover more about our service plans and what they offer, explore our page here.

Useful Accessories

These are the accessories you’ll need in the final stages of waste management – accessories you can use to tie off bales, waste polythene bags or keep track of different waste from different machines.

Baler Wire

Baler wire is wrapped around completed bales, rendering them secure for transport to disposal or recycling centres. 

We have baler wire suitable for smaller or bigger bales, from Auto Rewound wire coils, to Black Annealed cut and looped wire bundles, to galvanised cut and looped wire bundles. These latter two options are suitable for mill-size balers, including Orwak, Milltek, HSM, Dixi, CK International, Pakawaste, Kenburn, Bramidan, Workit, LSM, MacFab.

Baler Twine

A small diameter synthetic twine, our OP8020 baling twine is another option for tying bales upon completion. 

Baler Strapping

Baler strapping can be used as an alternative to baler wire or twine, subject to both machines type and application. With several different types on offer, you can easily find the right one for you.

Wheelie Bins

Various wheelie bin models are available from 120 to 1100 litres in various colours upon enquiry.

Polythene Sacks

For disposing awkward waste such as large amounts of bubble wrap or other polythene, polythene sacks can be utilised. Here at Greenbank, we offer 240 litre and 400 litre types.  Combine these with one of our stuffer frames to have an easier time filling each sack. 

Bale Hook

This hook is suitable for many makes of machine and can be supplied as an extra for smaller balers or as a replacement. It’s a necessary extra to ease bale tie off on vertical bale presses.

Bale Trolley

For smaller bale sizes, a bale trolley is just what’s needed for easy transport. This can be supplied as an extra or replacement in case of damage.

Book A Call With Our Experts

To get an idea of what kind of machinery you can benefit from or even arrange a waste audit, book a call with one of our dedicated experts today. 

We’ll be able to provide you with some industry expertise, helpful advice and more information on how you can develop a more efficient, more compliant and more successful waste management policy – one that can save you both time and money. 

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