If you are looking to recycle large amounts of recyclables such as cardboard, plastic or polystyrene then a vertical baler is an ideal solution. Vertical balers vary in size, with bale weights ranging from 30kg to 500kg. 

Within the waste industry, the term “mill size baler” often refers to a bale that typically weights 500kg, due to their uniformity in size and density they are more efficient for transportation. They also do not need to be reprocessed by the recycler because they are already “mill size bales”. 

Small bales under 500kg would be unstrapped by your waste collector, to be baled again with other compacted recyclable material. This is done to reach the weight of 500kg. Hence why lighter bales warrant a lower bale price.

You are likely to receive a revenue of approx. £120 for a mill size bale, in today’s current market. (LetsRecycle – April, 2022). This could be higher if you can store full loads on site. 

B30W Vertical Baler

Greenbank’s B30W model is a mill size vertical baler. Its extra wide filling opening makes it particularly suitable for large items, such as large cardboard packing – there’s no need to break them down first. 

To put it into perspective, the B30 Wide can handle packaging from 65” widescreen TVs, you don’t need to break down the boxes first.

The B30W features specially designed barbs in the baling chamber, this traps the recyclables being baler and will keep it compressed to provide maximum compression and more importantly a dense “mill size bale”.


How many B30W bales can I fit into a container?


Can I bale different materials?

Yes, you can easily use the same baler machine for cardboard and plastic, but not at the same time. We recommend that you sort your waste and make separate bales.

B50 Vertical Baler

The B50 mill size baler is an extremely hardworking baler for many industrial settings, the B50 has a strong press force and is designed for efficient waste handling of cardboard and dry soft plastic.

The baler has a wide opening of 1200 x 565mm,  allowing for easy management of larger boxes. Bales measure 1200mm x 800mm x 1100mm and fit on a standard EUR pallet.

With this mill size model there is also an option to shorten the press cycle with a high-speed kit – reducing to just 26 seconds!

How does a vertical baler work?

  1. Fill your plastic or cardboard waste into the baler.
  2. A full-light indicator tells you when the chamber is full.
  3. Tie off and eject the finished bale.
  4. Remove the bale and store until collection.

How many B50 bales can I fit into a container?


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