What To Look For When Choosing A Waste Management Solutions Provider

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What To Look For When Choosing A Waste Management Solutions Provider

Having a quality waste management system is a great benefit for any company, saving you time, space and money. You’ll also be lowering any impact you may have on the natural environment while remaining fully compliant with government regulations. 

With many competing organisations out there, it’s difficult to sift through them all and find the best one for you. Here at Greenbank Waste Management, we’re here to make your job easier, which is why we’ve compiled a useful list of the things you need to look for.

An In-Depth Knowledge of Waste Management Machinery

Any waste management solutions provider worth their proverbial salt will have complete knowledge of the machines they work with. They’ll know intricate things such as the the technical specifications of their machines and even the ROI they can guarantee.

A waste management provider can only be as good as the knowledge of their machinery. When choosing a provider, look for one that has a dedicated team of waste management professionals who know their machines. This means they’ll have an unrivalled product knowledge – meaning you can get the most out of the machines you choose to invest it, remaining cost-effective and efficient.

Unique Products

The best waste management solutions provider will have a wide range of products on offer, which vary in use and size, meaning you can benefit from a larger field of choice. This allows an organisation to find the right machine for their needs, but also the right size to fit within their premises. 

On top of that, there may be types of waste you need to dispose of but are unsure about the correct process. For example, a common waste type which many people don’t realise is recyclable is polystyrene. While it’s certainly not widely-recycled, it can actually be a highly-desirable waste product for the construction industry. However, you do need the right machinery to be able to create a new revenue stream from polystyrene.

Here at Greenbank, we actually offer a range of polystyrene compactors that make polystyrene recycling easy and reliable. 

Experienced, In-House Engineers

Machinery needs to be looked after. Even the most reliable machine will need the right amount of TLC throughout its lifetime. This kind of care creates greater efficiency and extends the overall lifetime. With regular preventative maintenance, you’re able to retain quality cost-effectiveness for the machine. 

Many waste management solution providers don’t give the option of servicing for your products. Some organisations hire contracted engineers, which can present issues. For example, if the waste management solution has technical specifications unique to its parent company, engineers may find them difficult to repair. 

The right waste management solutions provider will have their own team of engineers who fulfil the requirements of our first point – they’ll have an in-depth understanding of each machine. If they work for the manufacturers, they’ll know the machines the best. 

Furthermore, in-house engineers will have experience onboarding and servicing these machines in a number of different industries and environments, meaning they’ll be aware of the right solutions for any issue. Plus, the response times for an in-house engineer will be much faster, as there is no use of a ‘middle-man’ when requiring servicing. 

For example, you can explore the liver service statistics that we at Greenbank Waste Management can offer, such as a 99% first-time fix rate on breakdown call-outs.

They’re also more likely to embody the values and bespoke knowledge that comes with the waste management solutions provider.

Opportunities for Training

A waste management solution provider can install your machinery, but that’s only half the battle. Knowing how to use your machine and get the most out of it is also important. That means you should search for a waste management solution provider who teaches you the best practices when it comes to tools such as balers or compactors.

At Greenbank, we have our own Alcumus SafeContractor Approved team of in-house service engineers. They’re continually providing top-quality technical support for those who need it.

Not only do they implement installations and maintenance, they also offer training about the best operational practices and advice when it comes to owning a waste management solution. 

Essentially, you want to look for a waste management provider who can support and advise you on every part of your waste management policy – from investing in the right machinery to cost-effective practices. If you’d like more information on how to create a cost-effective waste management strategy while remaining compliant, we’ve got the resource for you.

Waste Management: Being Cost-Effective While Retaining Quality and Compliance

Our downloadable guide is full of information surrounding this important subject. In it, we explore the true costs of waste management today, how to cut those costs and maintain a high level of waste management and the different machinery you can benefit from.

To get started on your journey towards a quality waste management strategy, just click the link below. 

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