What’s The ROI On Your Baler?

HPK 1100 fully automatic baler fed via fork lift

What’s The ROI On Your Baler?

In 2013, Greenbank installed one of our HPK 50 fully automatic channel balers at a site in Newark. Since then, it has created over 32,000 bales, equivalent of 15,000 tons of cardboard.

Currently, the average price of a cardboard ton is around £100 – £122. However, it’s important to mention that during the summer months, the average price per ton of cardboard was considerably higher, reaching £143 in July.

Now for the fun part…

15,000 (tons) x £90 (conservative cardboard price) = £1,350,000 in just four years.

Impressive? Not bad for a baler that retails at just £129,000. This gives a return on investment in just 4.6 months.

At Greenbank, we offer a wide range of balers, from vertical balers and semi-automatic to our fully automatic balers.

Our automatic balers are designed to make heavy-duty, high-density bales for maximum payloads of recyclables such as paper, cardboard and plastic.  

If you think there’s extra revenue to be made from your waste equipment, however large or small, contact a member of the team to arrange your free waste audit. Fill out our online form and you could be making more money in no time. 

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