World Environment Day means it’s time for a change.

World Environment Day takes place on the 5th of June each and every year. This well-documented occasion is the United Nation’s principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action in protecting our environment. Ask yourself this; could you be doing more in decreasing your carbon footprint?

Established in 1972 and first held in 1974, this event has proved to be a flagship campaign in raising awareness on emerging environmental issues. This year the campaign is targeting plastic pollution.

People around the world are taking notice of plastic pollution. As time passes they’re pledging to do something about it. So how can you help with this worthy plight?

Here at Greenbank, we’ve helped numerous companies tackle their plastic waste from polythene to PET. With an array of machines suitable for your application, our team not only reduce waste, we save companies time and money. What could be better?

Greenbank’s range of vertical balers are perfect for soft plastics such as LDPE  and PP strapping. In contrast our X-Range balers  provide an ideal solution for hard plastics such as HDPE and PET.

Speak to us today and do that little bit more for the environment.

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