Anis low volume channel baler

High volume channel balers

Greenbank’s high volume channel balers are user friendly, cost effective fully automatic baling solutions with comprehensive safety features.

This range of shear balers with optional horizontal or vertical wire tying which offer great flexibility to high volume operations requiring an automatic baler. These balers have short channels and therefore require minimum installation floor space.

The balers operate using high specific pressing forces which allow high compaction rates of material and therefore maximise container or truck loads.

Very competitively priced, quick return on investment.

Machines are available with hopper sizes, feed openings and power units tailored to suit the application in hand.
• Sliding press ram on wearing plates
• Pressing force: 50 – 60 Tonnes
• Bale size: 750 × 750 mm and 1.100 × 750 mm
• Main hydraulic motor: 15, 22 or 30kW
• Feed opening 1000 mm and 1300 mm


  • Software, optimally adjusted for the different materials, guarantees high bale quality even when material is frequently changed
  • Optimised bale dimensions and bale weights for efficient full truck loading
  • Optimal press results with heavy, evenly formed and easily stackable mill-sized bales.
  • Possible to switch-off wire strapping manually


  • Printers and Cardboard-making plants, where material is air-fed, shredded or trimmed.
  • This is the ideal baler for most grades of shredded paper, cardboard, packaging and as well as other technical fibres.
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What loading methods are available?
The high volume channel baler can be loaded in a variety of ways: the operative can manually load it by hand, a tilting device such as a bin tipper can be attached to the machine, a chute can be installed above the hopper so that materials can be thrown from above, or it can be loaded via an infeed conveyor belt.
What materials can this baler process?
High volume channel balers can process a variety of materials, including the following: aluminum cans, cardboard, plastic foil, mixed paper, wood chips, PET, RDF, HDPE, high grade paper and OCC trims. If you’re going to be switching between different materials often, ensure that the baler is cleaned out in-between uses so that waste contamination is avoided.

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Product Features

  • Feeding Hopper

    This baler features a tailor made hopper which allows for easy automatic or manual feeding.

  • Power Pack

    Featuring a compact hydraulic power pack which helps to reduce energy consumption and a noise-optimised main drive that alters its performance depending on demand.

  • Robust and reliable fully automatic tying system with needles and integrated wire cutter.
  • Replacement of wear resistant twisting hook as a single spare part within shortest terms, without any special tool possible and for a very long service life
  • Optimal accessibility
Technical Specifications
Low Volume Baler SeriesATS 75 - 75KATS 75 - 75BATS 110-75B
Pressing Forcet (kN)50 (492)58 (572)60 (572)
Spec. Pressure ForceN/cm28710171
Press Chamber (Bale) size WXHmm750 x 750750 X 7501100 X 750
Hopper opening (LXW)mm1000 x 7101300 X 7201300 X 1040
Feeding Volumem30,60,81,1
Auto-tier horizontalHStandardStandardStandard
Auto-tier VerticalVOptionalOptionalOptional
No.of wirespieces444
RamSliding RamSliding RamSliding Ram
Bale Weightkg320-530350-570430 - 720
EM Driving PowerkW152222
Press Cycle Time - No Chargesec27,330,530,5
Theoretical Capacity - No Chargem3/h7689126
- Max Capacity e.g. flattened OCC (30 kg/m3)t/h1,823
- Max Capacity e.g. shredded paper (50 kg/m3)t/h2,534
Baler Weight (according to equipment)ton7912
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