Portable Compactors

Greenbank’s range of portable waste compactors are designed for handling large volumes of recyclables, residual waste and ordinary commercial waste. Their special feature is a single unit that is firmly connected to the compaction container. The material is compacted by a horizontal compaction plate with an electro-hydraulic drive system.

We provide large portable compactors with extremely low filling openings which makes loading them a simple task. Although the material is highly compacted, removal is effortless resulting in a straightforward process. One huge advantage is that structural changes to the site are not necessary. Simply connect the system to the local power supply and it is ready to use. Space is not an issue as they take up little room. Save time and money with our large portable waste compactors.

Here at Greenbank Waste Solutions we have a number of models available. Each machine offers a different specification with various configurations of feeding hoppers, hopper lids, binlifters and remote control adaptations. The PCS8 for example is a standard and popular unit. Taking up minimal floor space this model offers a low loading height, is easy to empty and offers suspended retaining claws.

If you are looking for high compaction forces the PCS16 is ideal. This particular model is available with a drainage point if required.  The PCS8 is low loading, making your job simple. In contrast, the PCS23 benefits from a low filling opening. This compactor makes it easy for the operator throughout the entire process.

All of our large portable waste compactors are built economically to suit your exact requirements. Our waste management specialists are on hand to answer any of your questions. If you would prefer to investigate our static waste compactors we can explain the benefits to you. Start saving time and money today.

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