Portable Compactors

From standard compactors to self-cleaning compactors, these machines offer great cost-effective benefits for businesses. By compacting waste, they lower volume. By lowering waste volume, they ensure few waste collection and disposal trips are needed, meaning you can lower your collection and landfill costs.

Greater hygiene and flexibility with a portable compactor

Portable compactors are manoeuvrable, customisable and offer greater hygiene benefits for working environments - especially if the model has self-cleaning capabilities. In comparison to static compactors, portable compactors are smaller and can also deal with wet waste as they utilise a watertight seal.

These compactors offer:

  • Reduced traffic from less waste collection trips.
  • Environmental benefits, secured by more efficient use of space and less CO2 emissions from fewer disposal trips.
  • A safer working environment as compacted waste is easier stored and less likely to cause trips and falls, unlike loose waste.
  • Reduced costs - Smaller waste volume means less skip hire and waste collection needed, meaning you can save money on your waste management.

Flexible and better for the environment, portable compactors are perfect for reducing waste-associated costs.

Portable waste compactors help businesses to reduce the costs of waste management while simultaneously protecting employees and ensuring better compliance with waste regulations.

Offensive Waste

Greenbank’s self-cleaning portable compactor is the answer to offensive waste issues. This specially modified self-cleaning machine has been designed to comply with the high standards required by HSE and Environmental Health.

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Standard Portable Compactors

Designed for handling large volumes of waste, our standard portable compactors handle residual and ordinary commercial waste. Structural site changes are not required to accommodate this machine which can help reduce overall business waste by up to 90%. Ideal for additional revenue streams.

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Self-Cleaning Portable Compactors

Self-cleaning portable compactors are ideal for companies handling food and liquid waste. Models are fully sealed as standard and are delivered with a self-cleaning compaction blade to avoid sticky waste below the press-blade. With effective waste points, a self-cleaning compactor reduces waste sent to landfill.

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Portable Screw Compactor

Our portable screw compactors are built to specific requirements and take up minimal floor space. This machine is used for the compaction of paper, foils and films, disposable pallets, wooden packaging and more. Low loading, high compaction and various configuration of feeding hoppers are just some of the great features included.

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High Capacity Compactors

The Wolfpak compactors is a mobile unit that can be located on any firm ground. Designed to handle large amounts of recyclable materials, its extra-large loading aperture can handle bulky household waste such as three-piece sofas, pallets and substantial garden waste.

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