Polystyrene compactors offer a robust, low-maintenance solution for compacting and recycling a material often overlooked in traditional recycling programs. Capable of processing up to 220kg of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) per hour, these machines are both versatile and highly efficient.

The design of polystyrene compactors allows for automatic operation. EPS is fed into the open hopper, where machine sensors activate to break down the material into small, manageable pieces. These pieces are then compacted into solid, uniform blocks, transforming loose polystyrene waste into a format that can be easily stored, stacked, and transported.

The common misconception that polystyrene is non-recyclable leads to many businesses inefficiently accumulating waste, eventually resorting to costly landfill disposal. EPS compactors challenge this, reducing the waste stream significantly and producing compacted polystyrene blocks that can be sold, turning a previous challenge into a potential revenue stream.

For businesses looking to enhance their waste management practices with efficient polystyrene recycling machinery, contact Greenbank today. Our expert team is ready to assist you in selecting the ideal solution to meet your recycling needs.

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