Polystyrene Compactors

Cobalt EPS polystyrene compactors are available here at Greenbank Waste Solutions and have been developed using advanced technology. Specifically, these machines are capable of compacting large amounts of material and will save you space, time and cost, quickly. Talk to our industry experts now and we will discuss the needs of your company in detail.

Our low maintenance, polystyrene compactors have the ability to maintain a high compaction rate throughout operation on a continuous basis. Especially designed for densifying packaging foams, this machine tackles such a difficult material and will compact at a volume reduction of up to 40:1 and at an incredibly fast rate. The Cobalt EPS polystyrene compactors are also suitable for EPP foam and polyurethane.

We have three models available, all of which hold a different specification, varying mainly in size. The SC1000 compacts wet and dry polystyrene and is a low maintenance option. Next we have the SC2000 and based upon density will handle 70-90 kg of EPS/hour. Finally, the SC3000 offers perfectly stackable blocks whilst ensuring maximum payload is maintained for export. We will advise on the most suitable polystyrene compactor to suit space and usage.

If you are looking for an effective solution to reduce waste material, polystyrene compactors at Greenbank are the way forwards.

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