Greenbank are proud suppliers of Bramidan vertical balers!

Vertical balers are ideal for businesses that produce small to medium volumes of waste, we offer two ranges of vertical balers.

Our B Range vertical balers are ideal for general recycling streams such as cardboard and polythene, whilst our X range balers handle challenging materials such as plastic bottles (PET) and expandable plastic.

Balers for Cardboard, Polythene & Plastic

We’re proud to offer a sustainable baling solution, our balers are energy efficient – on average our mill size balers have a cycle time of 26 seconds, that’s 14 seconds quicker than the industry average! Whilst most mill size balers have a 7.5 kw motor, our B50 mill size baler has a 5.5 kw motor. There’s a huge amount of energy savings to be made.

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We have continually modified and improved our range of vertical baler machines to produce quality equipment that works in all modern applications.

Efficient Bramidan balers help our customers reduce waste and handling costs whilst increasing revenue from baled materials. With the continual rise in costs for labour and transport it is essential a vertical baler offers minimal operative requirements. The range you will find here produces maximum bale densities to ensure full payloads. Our vertical balers are renowned for their robust construction and simple, easy to use controls. With large, wide loading openings, bale full warning lights and automatic press plate return, Bramidan machines are most acceptable.

Balers for Cardboard, Polythene & Plastic

The machines we have available includes the B3 Baler, the perfect option when combining high compaction with a small footprint and low height. You will be alerted by the flashing of the full light indicator in order to avoid chamber overload. The trolley included makes removal of the finished bale straight forward. In contrast, the B30 Baler is ideal for waste management in large retail establishments and industrial companies. Bulky waste is not a problem for our vertical balers. They offer a wide filling opening and efficient barbs designed to keep materials pushed down. This vertical baler is easy to handle and offers automatic ejection.

If cardboard makes up a large proportion of your waste, the B30W is ideal. Because it is wide there is no need to even fold large boxes. Simply pop them in where they will be transformed into a dense bale. With a fast cycle time of just 43 seconds, you will be alerted at capacity. The B30W is an excellent cardboard baler and we are happy to talk you through the advantages in detail.

Our team here at Greenbank Waste Solutions are not only highly trained, but passionate in finding the right solution for you. The range of Bramidan balers are built for quality, both in finish and operation. Over 15,000 vertical balers have been supplied throughout Europe, giving a healthy return to customers in many industries. Each machine is built to CE Standards and is certified for both safety and low noise levels.

Small Vertical Balers

Ideal for companies with confined spaces a vertical baler provides effective waste management. Producing bales of 30-60kg, recyclable materials are turned into solid blocks. You will save space on bale storage and save money on collection frequency.

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Medium Vertical Balers

Requiring less space than our larger models a medium baler is perfect for cardboard, plastic wrap, aluminium cans and more. These versatile machines offer low level noise, are straightforward to operate and easy to install. Choose from a range of models to suit the needs of your company. Speak to our specialist team, today.

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Large Vertical Balers

Large vertical balers are perfect for department stores, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, recycling centers and more. With large amounts of waste to handle, the solution needs to match. This baler range handles bulky waste as standard.Companies will fully maximise output and recycling efforts with a straightforward machine whilst saving on costs overall.

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