Vertical balers, an essential component of efficient waste management, offer a compact and effective solution for businesses aiming to streamline their recycling processes. 

Vertical baling press machines, designed to handle a range of materials, from cardboard and paper to plastics and textiles, are versatile tools for reducing waste volume and improving workplace organisation. 

Ideal for all-sized operations, vertical balers provide a cost-effective way to manage recyclables, reduce your company’s footprint and provide potential revenue opportunities from recycled materials.

At Greenbank, we offer two primary types of vertical balers tailored to suit your business’s specific waste management needs:

B-Series Vertical Balers: Perfect for processing widely recycled items like cardboard, paper and polythene.

X-Series Vertical Balers: These heavy-duty vertical balers efficiently handle a variety of waste types, including cardboard, plastic bottles, expandable plastics and aluminium.


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B Series

Greenbank's selection of B Series vertical waste balers ranges from the compact Bramidan B3, perfect for businesses with limited space, to the powerful B50 XL, built to tackle the most challenging recycling tasks.

With user-friendly features and advanced technology, these balers offer efficient compression, ease of use, and enhanced safety, ensuring a valuable addition to any waste management system.

X Series

X Series vertical balers, starting with the versatile X10 for smaller waste volumes and scaling up to the robust Bramidan X50 for large-scale recycling needs, offer comprehensive waste management solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

With a focus on efficiency and safety, X Series balers are engineered for easy operation, catering to a broad range of business sizes. From compact setups to extensive operations, the X Series cardboard balers provide an effective way to enhance recycling processes.


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