Small Vertical Balers

Ideal for companies with confined spaces a vertical baler provides effective waste management. Producing bales of 30-60kg, recyclable materials are turned into solid blocks. A small vertical baler is ideal when space is an issue. Reduce bale storage and save money on collection frequency. Choose a low footprint, high press force and the best performance.

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Medium Vertical Balers

Requiring less space than our larger models a medium baler is perfect for cardboard, plastic wrap, aluminium cans and more. These versatile machines offer low level noise, are straightforward to operate and easy to install. Choose from a range of models to suit the needs of your company. Speak to our specialist tea, today.

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Large Vertical Balers

Large vertical balers are perfect for department stores, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, recycling centers and more. With large amounts of waste to handle, the solution needs to match. This baler range handles bulky waste as standard.Companies will fully maximise output and recycling efforts with a straightforward machine whilst saving on costs overall.

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