Paper balers offer a streamlined approach to handling waste by compacting loose paper into dense, easily transportable bales. A paper baler machine can significantly reduce your volume of waste, leading to substantial financial and environmental benefits whilst enhancing operation efficiency. The compacted bales require less storage space, are easier and more cost-effective to transport, and can generate additional revenue through recycling rebates. 

Greenbank offers a versatile range of paper balers which cater to various business needs. Our vertical paper balers are ideal for businesses with limited space or lower volumes of paper waste, providing an efficient and compact solution. For operations generating significant quantities of waste, our fully automatic and semi-automatic paper balers deliver higher efficiency, automating much of the baling process to save time and labour.

Our paper balers are engineered for reliability, ease of use, and optimal performance in different settings, ensuring a perfect fit for every business’s requirements.

Discover how Greenbank’s balers can transform your waste management and recycling processes. Contact us today to explore our range of paper balers and find the ideal solution that meets your business’s needs, enhances efficiency, and contributes to a greener environment.


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