Horizontal balers are designed to compress a wide variety of recyclable materials such as cardboard, paper, plastics, and textiles, transforming them into dense, easily manageable bales. With efficient loading hoppers, these machines are an excellent choice for facilities generating large volumes of waste and streamlining waste handling. They offer significant benefits, including lower waste management costs, enhanced recycling efficiency, a positive impact on environmental sustainability and an additional revenue stream for businesses through selling bales.

Horizontal balers are available in fully automatic and semi-automatic configurations. Fully automatic balers are designed to automate the entire baling process – from compressing the material to tying the bales – requiring minimal human intervention once the material is loaded. They come in two types: compact automatic balers for space-sensitive environments and high-volume channel balers for extensive waste production settings. Semi-automatic balers, requiring manual loading and bale tying, cater to smaller operations looking for cost-effective solutions. 

Selecting the right horizontal baler type depends on several factors, including waste volume, budget considerations, and spatial constraints, ensuring a fit-for-purpose approach to waste management. Contact Greenbank today to find the perfect horizontal baler for your operational needs.

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