Explore our extensive selection of compactor and baler accessories, designed to complement and enhance your waste management equipment’s efficiency and functionality. Whether you’re looking to streamline your recycling process or improve operational efficiency, our accessories include everything you need to achieve optimal performance.

Baler Strapping: Essential for securing bales tightly, our baler strapping ensures your materials are compacted securely for transportation or storage.

Baler Twine: Durable and strong, our baler twine is perfect for tying together bales of all sizes, making it a versatile option for various types of waste material.

Baler Wire: For the toughest baling jobs, our baler wire offers the strength and reliability needed to keep bales intact and ready for processing.

Bin Washers: Keep your wheelie bins clean and odour-free with our efficient bin washers, designed for easy and effective cleaning.

Lifting & Tipping Systems: Enhance workplace safety and efficiency with our lifting and tipping systems, ideal for handling heavy or awkward loads without strain.

Wheelie Bins: From small to large volumes of waste, our range of wheelie bins provides flexible waste storage solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Our accessories are tailored to meet the needs of various industries, ensuring you can find the perfect match for your compactor or baler. 

If you’re unsure about what accessory is right for you or if you’re ready to make a purchase, our friendly team is here to assist. 



Our collection of accessories features essential items like durable polythene sacks, robust bale hooks for easy handling and transportation of bales, and versatile stuffer frames designed for efficient material compression.

Each product enhances and complements your waste management and recycling efforts, ensuring streamlined operations and effectiveness.

Baler Strapping

Any business utilising a baler will benefit from using baler strapping, which is necessary for compacting bales. Baler strapping from Greenbank comes in a variety of colours allowing for simple identification, regulation, and monitoring.

Green and yellow strapping is available in 9mm and 13mm sizes whereas regular white strapping is available in 9mm, 13mm and 19mm. Each product comes in packs of four.

For more information about each of our baler strapping options, please make an enquiry and our team will be in contact with you soon.


Baler Twine

Bailing twine rope provides a cost-effective, robust way to secure your baled recyclable materials.

Our team has delivered solutions for efficient waste management for more than 25 years in total. We specialise in everything from labour-saving machinery to waste recycling. Our goal is to support you with efficient waste management.

Baler Wire

Greenbank offers a wide range of baler wire (otherwise known as waste baler wire) specifically manufactured for the waste management industry, providing the most robust method for securing mill-sized bales.

Baler wires are essential for securing mill-size bales, making them easier to move and transport. For this reason, recyclers will often provide higher rebates for securing mill-size bales.

Our range includes auto rewound wire coils available in 20kg and 40kg, and galvanised cut & looped wire bundles available in 14ft, 16ft and 18ft.

Auto Rewound Wire Coils – Normally used in automatic baling applications. Available in sizes 3mm - 3.8mm.

Galvanised Cut & Looped Wire – Suitable for mill-size balers. It has a breaking strain of 450kg and is 3mm in diameter.

Bin Washers

Discover our range of automatic bin washers, designed to thoroughly clean containers ranging from 240L to 1100L. These washers offer an efficient solution for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness for various bin sizes, ensuring your waste management practices are effective and sanitary.

Lifting & Tipping Systems

We manufacture a range of hydraulic Lifting and Tipping Systems capable of lifting containers of up to one tonne and tipping at a height of over five metres directly into a hopper or container. These systems are integral for efficient waste management, allowing for the safe and effective transfer of waste materials.

Our lifting and tipping systems, suitable for various industrial applications, ensure a seamless waste-handling process that optimises operational workflows.

Wheelie Bins

Greenbank's wide range of wheelie bins is available in multiple colours and sizes – from your average 240l household bin to industrial size 660l and 1100l bins.

240l Wheelie Bin – This is your average bin that’s placed outside of every household’s front yard or driveway.

660l Wheelie Bin – This bin is ideal for storing larger amounts of waste whether it’s used by multiple households or by businesses which produce more waste.

1100l Wheelie Bin – This is the largest wheelie bin that Greenbank Recycling Solutions offers, making it ideal for industrial and commercial needs.


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