Fully automatic balers are essential for businesses looking to boost operational efficiency. These machines allow you to automate tasks, simplifying operations and reducing the need for manual labour. A favourite among large-scale waste producers, fully automatic balers streamline waste processing whilst unlocking an additional revenue stream through bale rebates.

There are two types of fully automatic balers:

Compact Fully Automatic Balers – Perfect for operations where space is limited, but large volumes of waste are produced.

High Volume Channel Balers – Ideal for operations with extensive waste production, these balers offer space efficiency with their compact channel design.

These balers can automatically compress, tie and prepare waste bales for easy collection, saving your staff more time on waste management. 

All of our auto balers are configurable with additional features like hydraulic bin lifters or tippers, further easing the operational load on your team.

For details on optimising your waste management with our fully automatic balers, or to explore our range, contact our helpful team today.

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Compact Fully Automatic Balers

Our range of compact fully automatic balers is a great option for companies who wish to optimise their waste management processes but have limited space available for machinery. These auto balers require minimum input from your team - they simply have to load it via one of the available methods (hand, conveyor or air system) and then remove the finished bale from the machine's output; everything else is handled by the machine itself. 

Integrating a fully auto compact baler into your operations can transform your waste management system, offering exceptional performance and convenience.

High volume channel balers

Greenbank’s high-volume channel balers are a user-friendly and cost-effective solution for your waste management needs. These fully automatic balers are most suitable for shredded paper, cardboard, packaging and other common recyclable materials. The auto baler's intelligent software ensures consistent high-quality bales, even when the material is frequently changed. This adaptability makes them an essential asset for facilities that deal with a high volume of recyclables, ensuring your waste management process is as efficient as possible.


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