Greenbank’s mill size balers are engineered to optimise waste management for businesses dealing with substantial volumes of recyclables like cardboard, paper, and soft plastics. Producing bales of approximately 500kg, vertical mill size balers ensure materials are ready for recycling immediately, eliminating the need for re-baling. This not only simplifies the recycling process but also maximises the value received from each bale. Additionally, these bales are easily stackable, making storing and transporting recyclables easier.

Designed for durability and ease of use, our range of balers significantly cuts down waste volume and operational costs. By converting large quantities of recyclable materials into compact bales that are ready for the recycling stream, businesses can enhance their environmental contributions and achieve a smoother, more cost-effective recycling operation. 

Greenbank offers a selection of both vertical and horizontal mill size balers. Vertical balers are compact and efficient, designed to fit into limited spaces without sacrificing performance. For businesses with larger volumes of waste, our horizontal balers, available in semi-automatic and fully automatic variants, offer a solution that combines high efficiency with ease of use, matching the pace of busier operations.

Ready to elevate your recycling efforts with a solution that saves space, time, and money? Contact our friendly team today to find the best mill size baler for your business operations.


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