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Businesses that generate waste on a daily basis face many problems, such as high labour costs, high waste disposal costs and high site vehicle traffic. Finding space for waste disposal on site can also be a problem and these areas can often become a fire hazard and a breeding ground for vermin.

Keeping these areas organised puts pressure on employees and as a result productivity plummets, meaning your organisation loses its competitive edge.

Why not conquer the wastefulness with the Construct-A-Bale? This streamlined waste management solution vastly improves productivity with labour savings of up to 80%, as well as saving space on site, reducing the disposal costs and reducing the health and safety risks associated with waste. The baler can be loaded at the source of the waste and bales can then be transported to skips in bulk, reducing the amount of time employees spend transporting waste around site. This also reduces the cost of hiring skips as they are filled more efficiently with the compacted bales and don’t need to be collected as often. Recyclable materials can then be sold, bringing in a revenue stream from your waste collections.

The balers are easy to operate with minimal labour and full training is provided by Greenbank to ensure your staff continue to make your waste management as efficient as possible. Service and maintenance are also provided by Greenbank and a technical engineer will be on site within 24 hours of any callout.

The Construct-A-Bale comes in three specifications, including a secure container with optional power generator, and can be adapted to suit any site. It can be located anywhere thanks to the secure waterproof container, lockable door and easily accessible lifting points. This means that the machine can be placed and manoeuvred in the most restricted locations and power can be provided either by a generator, which can also be housed in the container, or by power from the buildings.

The machine can bale multiple waste types such as cardboard, plastic bottles, paper, aluminium drink cans, soft polythene plastics and hessian bulk sacks.

To find out how the equipment is integrated into your recycling process and for pricing call us on 01642 249924.

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