OP8020 Baling Twine (4 Reels)

A traditional vertical baler consumable, our cost-effective baling twine ensures secure fastening of your baled recyclable materials. Whether you’re baling cardboard, plastics, paper, or other recyclables, our baling twine is a vital accessory to ensure the integrity of your bales.

With a diameter of 5mm and a sturdy breaking strain of 270kg, our baling twine guarantees reliable performance, allowing you to create tightly packed bales for optimised storage and transportation. Supplied in packs of 4 reels, our baling twine offers excellent value and convenience, keeping your waste management process running smoothly.

Compatibility: Designed for use with various vertical baler models, including Bramidan, Orwak, Milltek, HSM, Dixi, CK International, Pakawaste, Kenburn, Workit, LSM, MacFab, and more.

Secure Fastening: Provides a cost-effective and robust solution for securely fastening baled recyclable materials, ensuring the integrity of your bales during storage and transportation.

Breaking Strain: Boasts a strong breaking strain of 270kg, enabling you to create tightly packed bales to maximise waste storage space.

Pack Quantity: Supplied in packs of 4 reels, ensuring an ample supply to support your waste management needs.

Versatile Application: Ideal for baling various materials, such as cardboard, plastics, paper, and more, making it a versatile accessory for diverse waste streams.

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