BWA Basic

For two-wheelers and round containers up to 240 liters.


The soiled container is tipped onto the cleaning platform by means of a special device. By pressing the start button, the cleaning process, which is automatic and time-controlled, is set in motion.

During the internal cleaning, which is performed by a three-dimensional high-pressure cleaning head, the external cleaning can be performed with the high-pressure jet pipe. Optionally, cleaning and disinfection agents can be added.

Modular components

  • Tilting device with container hold-down
  • Cleaning platform with spray head
  • Pump technology with stainless steel cladding
  • Splash proof remote control

Automatic cleaning

Automatic interior cleaning is performed with a three-dimensional spray head.

User friendly

Our cleaning systems are easy to operate and very maintenance-friendly.

  • Full stainless steel
  • 3D high pressure spray head
  • Container tipping device

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