GS2100Medium Static Compactor

The GS2100 Medium Static Compactor, designed for durability and easy maintenance, embodies Greenbank’s commitment to reliability and efficient waste management solutions.

This versatile compactor efficiently handles general waste, bulky furniture, and recyclable materials like plastic and cardboard, making it a valuable asset for various applications. Its construction ensures long-term service and simplifies upkeep, emphasising its role as a crucial piece of equipment in optimising your waste processing operations. 

Ideal for medium-sized waste volumes, the GS2100 stands out as a top solution for businesses seeking a balance between capacity and footprint.


Specifications Specification GS2100
Charge box volume (m3 ) 2.1
Min. theoretical cycle time (sec) 57
Max. theoretical through put (m3 /h) 133
Compaction force (kN) 320
Compaction force final stroke (kN) 340
Overall length (mm) 4440
Overall width (mm) 2300
Overall height (mm) 1500
Hopper length (mm) 1500
Hopper width (mm) 1500
Minimum loading height (mm) 1350
Ram penetration (mm) 320
Ram stroke (mm) 1800
Weight (kg) 3880
Electric motor (kW) 11
Electric supply 400V/5OHz - 32Az

Reliable & Safe

PLC Control for maximum reliability & dual channel safety circuits

Highly Versatile

The GS2100 is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a variety of applications

Key Features

  • Enclosed hand loading hoppers
  • Open topped, to be loaded by tipping skips
  • Rear and side hydraulic bin lifters
  • Air extraction
  • Pre-crushing units
  • PLC Control for maximum reliability
  • Dual channel safety circuits

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