PCS23Custom Built Portable Compactor

The PCS23 is a powerful portable compactor with a container volume of 20 mcu, hopper volume of 1.91 mcu, and stroke capacity of 1.36 mcu. With a cycle time of 36 seconds and a compaction force of 31 tonnes, it’s an efficient and effective option. The hopper is designed with a loading height of 1350 mm and a ram stroke of 1230 mm for thorough compaction.

The PCS23’s locking mechanism ensures effortless waste removal, and the machine is available with different configurations of feeding hoppers, hopper lids, bin lifters, or remote-control adaptions. It has an overall weight of 4290 kg, a maximum loaded weight of 12000 kg, and an electric supply of 32amp/5.5kw/415V.

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Low Filling Opening

The PCS23 benefits from an extremely low filling opening, making the loading of the portable compactor easy for the operative.

Easy to Use

Although the material is highly compacted, the removal is effortless due to the new design locking mechanism.

Key Features

  • Low loading height (1350mm)
  • Smooth line container, 3 – side conical for easy emptying
  • Suspended retaining claws preventing spring-back from waste material

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