PCW8Self Cleaning Compactor

Some standard compactors can leak waste or have waste rot on the compactor floor (especially if wet). This can attract vermin, creating an unhygienic working environment.

A self cleaning portable compactor utilises a compaction blade to rid any old waste from building up. Our range comes with built in draining points, which allows for efficient, controlled draining of liquid from the compactor chamber and reduces the payload, enabling a large volume of ‘real waste’ to be disposed of.

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Key Benefits

Leak Proof Technology

The PCW8  comes with built in leak proof technology, preventing messy spills or leaks during operation.

Bespoke for You

Tailor the feeding system to your exact configuration, ensuring the machine aligns perfectly with your operational requirements.

Key Features

  • No access point required
  • No need for cleaning behind the press plate
  • Side hinged door with central locking system to prevent employee access when machine is in motion

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