SC2200EPS Polystyrene Compactor UK

The Cobalt SC2200 EPS Compactor is capable of compacting large volumes of material, efficiently handling up to 80kg of EPS per hour, depending on the waste density—a detail we can discuss with you. It produces blocks with dimensions of 240x240mm and variable lengths.

This model benefits from a remote monitoring system, machine settings can be monitored and adjusted remotely. Often saving the need for an engineer visit and therefore reducing downtime. The monitoring system also tracks the number of blocks produced.

The SC2200 EPS Compactor benefits from a remote monitoring system, allowing machine settings to be adjusted from afar. This often eliminates the need for engineer visits, thus minimising downtime. Additionally, the system keeps track of the number of blocks produced.

Greenbank has provided polystyrene compactors, like the SC2200, to a wide range of industries, including construction, fish processing, and waste management.

Key Benefits

Technical Drawings

cobalt sc2200 polystyrene compactor dimensions


Throughput (kg/per hour)Up to 80
Bale Size (H x W x L) (mm)254 x 254 x Variable
Bale Weight (kg)Up to 400 Kg/m3
Standard Cycle Time (sec)Variable
Feed Opening (L x W) (mm)840 x 489
Standard Feed HopperYes
Bale Counter & Hours Run FeatureYes
Motor power (kW) (4 motors)9.05
Power supply (D-Curve)32 Amp, 400V, 3P+N+E
Noise level (dB)60-90dB (material dependent)
Dimensions (L x W x H)4448 x 730 x 1951
Floor Space required5000 x 1000
Weight (kg)(approx)960

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