SC3100EPS Screw Compactor

The SC3100 EPS Compactor is capable of handling up to 220kg of EPS per hour, matching the speed at which an operator can feasibly load it. The easy-to-operate SC3100 significantly reduces time spent on waste disposal, allowing your team to prioritise other essential tasks.

Featuring a standard-size hopper, the SC3100 makes loading straightforward, accommodating polystyrene slabs up to 1200mm wide without the need for pre-breaking. This eps screw compactor efficiently compacts polystyrene, achieving a volume reduction ratio of approximately 50:1, enhancing waste management efficiency.

Key Benefits

Technical Drawings

sc3100 dimensions


Throughput (kg/per hour)Up to 220
Bale Size (H x W x L) (mm)370 x 370 x Variable
Bale Weight (kg)Up to 400 Kg/m3
Standard Cycle Time (sec)Variable
Feed Opening (L x W) (mm)1256 x 884
Standard Feed HopperYes
Bale Counter & Hours Run FeatureYes
Motor power (kW) (4 motors)18.5
Power supply (D-Curve)63 Amp, 400v, 3P+N+E
Noise level (dB)60-90dB (material dependent)
Dimensions (L x W x H)5023 x 1657 x 2430
Floor Space required6000 x 2000mm
Weight (kg)(approx)1963

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer three convenient purchase options for our polystyrene compactors:

  1. Rental:
    • Payment Terms: A monthly invoice paid via direct debit on the first of every month.
  2. Lease:
    • Payment Terms: A quarterly invoice paid via direct debit to Siemens. 
  3. Outright Purchase:
    • Option 1: 3-Stage Payment Process:
      • 50% Deposit: An invoice is raised the day the sale is processed. Immediate payment is required to secure the machine.
      • 40% Dispatch: An invoice is raised the day the sale is processed. Payment is required before dispatching the machine, usually 2-3 days before shipment.
      • 10% Commissioning: An invoice is raised on the day the machine is installed and commissioned. You have 30 days to pay this invoice.
    • Option 2: Single Invoice:
      • Alternatively, you can opt to pay the entire amount upfront on a single invoice. Payment is required before we can release the machine.

If you have any further questions about our payment options or need assistance in choosing the best plan for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales team.


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