Manufacturing Waste Management

Manufacturing Waste Management is a huge part of many companies at SME or Heavy Industry level. Large amounts of waste are produced during day to day operations.

Waste varies massively and includes everything from office waste, cardboard boxes from suppliers, waste manufacturing materials and scrap products. The latter includes plastics and electrics. Manufacturing waste management can be a costly exercise involving numerous collections from external companies every week. Not only can inefficient waste management cost a company money, it can also stand in the way of achieving environmental accreditation’s such as ISO:14001.

At Greenbank, we are the experts in identifying the issues within your manufacturing waste management process. With the use of our products, we work with you to not only save money and reduce waste collections, but also to earn money from your company’s recyclable waste. Our vast experience targets the unique challenges manufacturing businesses face and over recent years have helped business such as Whirlpool, General Motors and Saint Gobain.

Specific products we have deployed to the above mentioned companies include Balers, Compactors and heavy duty shredders. Typically, manufacturing companies have a large open skip container that require emptying at regular intervals, often daily. Such containers are perfectly replaced by heavy duty waste compactors. Once compactors are fully operational, waste pickups are reduced significantly. In some cases compactors pay for themselves within the first 12 months of use.

If your manufacturing waste management includes high volumes of cardboard, a Cardboard Baler is a good investment. Many companies have large deposits of loose cardboard taking up valuable floor space. A baler will crush and shape cardboard into manageable, recyclable bales that provide another revenue stream for your business.

Above are just two ways in which our products can help your business. Please get in touch to learn about further benefits. All of our products can be completely custom made to your exact requirements with rental and finance options available.

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