Managing your business’ waste is important, but that doesn’t mean it should be difficult or time-consuming. Now, with BRA-IN, waste management doesn’t have to take unnecessary time, effort and planning.

Developed by Bramidan Intelligence, BRA-IN takes the work out of waste management with optimised 24-hour waste monitoring solutions and entire fleet coordination.

Take control of your business’ waste management and invest in solutions that allow you to focus on running your company, while having confidence that your waste management is being handled in an effective, environmentally-considerate and data-driven manner.


Increase Efficiency with BRA-IN

The BRA-IN information system has been specially incorporated to increase efficiency. This software can be integrated with your machinery to provide intelligent real-time reporting.

The system, which can be adjusted remotely, will keep you updated on your skips’ full levels, baler service status and similar important data. Whether you only have a single baler or an entire fleet of machines, our monitoring solution will add value to your daily operations. 

Watch the full BRA-IN Intelligent Fleet Monitoring video

The Benefits of BRA-IN

There are many benefits to robust and powerful Intelligence Systems such as BRA-IN, including: 

  • Data Collection – Fill levels, balers ready for collection, equipment errors etc.
  • Visualisation – Follow performance and location of machines
  • Interaction – With your machines, via relevant SMS / email notifications to you and your service partners.


Utilising Remote Management

Through BRA-IN, the experts at Greenbank can access your machines remotely. This means that in the event of any downtime we are able to analyse the machine from our offices. We can also set up automatic notifications that can be sent to your waste provider when a specific amount of bales are ready for collection, saving you the task of checking your bales and contacting your waste provider manually. 

The Right Solution for You: Waste Management Made Easy 

Helping you find waste solutions that help your business through increased efficiency and reduced long-term cost is what we’re passionate about at Greenbank. The BRA-IN system is one of the best solutions out there to achieve just this. 

So, if you still have questions and want to find out more, contact us to help you understand how to connect, monitor and analyse your waste equipment through systems such as Bramidan Intelligence. 

However, what happens when you want to improve your entire waste management strategy? Who do you turn to? What steps do you take? You’ll find all of the answers in our latest guide, ‘How to Improve Waste Management Strategy’.

It’s a free guide on optimising your current processes, onboarding waste management solutions and getting help from experienced partners. Just click the button below to download the guide today.

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