Greenbank offers a wide range of baler wire (otherwise known as waste baler wire) specifically manufactured for the waste management industry, providing the most robust method for securing mill-sized bales.

Baler wires are essential for securing mill-size bales, making them easier to move and transport. For this reason, recyclers will often provide higher rebates for securing mill-size bales.

Our range includes auto rewound wire coils available in 20kg and 40kg, and galvanised cut & looped wire bundles available in 14ft, 16ft and 18ft.

Auto Rewound Wire Coils – Normally used in automatic baling applications. Available in sizes 3mm – 3.8mm.

Galvanised Cut & Looped Wire – Suitable for mill-size balers. It has a breaking strain of 450kg and is 3mm in diameter.


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