How Smart Waste Management Is Driving Waste Collection Efficiency

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How Smart Waste Management Is Driving Waste Collection Efficiency

Data is being utilised more than ever across different sectors. Not only does it aid businesses when making decisions, but it also allows them to predict trends, identify potential risks and become more efficient.

For the waste management industry, the lie of the land isn’t any different. More and more, organisations and waste recyclers are starting to embrace the power of smart waste management tools and reap the benefits.

This blog explains what smart waste management is, how it works and the benefits it can provide to those who decide to invest in it.

What Is Smart Waste Management and How Does It Work?

Most businesses have machinery, including balers and compactors, to help them manage their waste. However, it can be difficult for waste recyclers to measure when these machines are operating at near full capacity and know when waste is ready for collection. 

By integrating smart waste management solutions, these problems can be solved. The solutions are simple. All you need to do is connect our IOT system with the waste machinery at the different sites where you are collecting waste. This connection works via a modem and by investing in an active subscription. 

Once the intelligent software is connected to the waste machinery, you’ll be provided with a 360-degree view of the equipment, minimising direct and indirect waste handling costs over time.

Monitoring the data is easy too. All you’ll need to do is log in to the portal via your desktop or mobile device. This means you can track production, find out about the status of the machines and so much more at any time in any place.

To learn more about the intelligent software we offer here at Greenbank Recycling Solutions, check out this link.

What Are the Benefits of Smart Waste Management?

Too much of the time, waste recyclers waste money on unnecessary journeys. They arrive on sites without knowing how many bins need emptying. This makes their operation inefficient and could negatively impact the environment with unnecessary emissions.

By using smart waste management, you can start measuring the level of waste being generated at specific sites. This is done using sensors that regularly send data updates to your portal to inform you of waste levels since you last arranged a collection.

The software also automatically updates bins which need collection. This means you can optimise your waste collection routes and only visit sites that actually have full or 80% full containers. 

In turn, this drives waste collection efficiency and presents you with many other benefits:

  • You can reduce mileage on your fleet vehicles being used to transport waste.
  • This will allow you to cut fuel costs and you’ll also be able to spend less money on unnecessary labour and various waste maintenance costs.
  • You will save time too. By being provided with rich data, you can have a clear picture of where to send your collection teams to achieve maximum output. Your team will also work more efficiently as they’ll know where waste needs collecting and where it doesn’t.
  • You can also spend less time planning routes or picking up from sites that don’t need the service. In turn, this will also improve your reputation. Everyone leaves happy.
  • By reducing journeys and also optimising them, you can do your bit for the environment by cutting gas emissions and making sure more waste is sent to recycling centres.

Embracing smart waste management can offer so many benefits to waste handlers. However, to get the most out of the software and see a return on investment, you should work with a waste partner with a difference. That’s where we come into the equation.

Find Out More About Greenbank Recycling’s Solutions and How Our Partnership Could Work

We have created a brochure that discusses some of the most common challenges waste handlers face and how working with a partner like Greenbank Recycling Solutions can alleviate many of these challenges.

The brochure also provides a breakdown of how your partnership with Greenbank could work and more detail about our intelligent software, BRA-IN.

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