GB80H 65TSemi-Automatic Baler

The Greenbank GB80-65T semi-automatic baler is a waste handlers dream, it’s designed for bulk loading & high throughput.

With a Large Open Splayed Hopper extending to 2.7m wide and a loading aperture of 1750mm x 1030mm this system is ideal for bulk loading of all baling materials.

The GB80H features a fully hydraulic end door, it also produces square edged bales up to 750Kgs, in the standard 1100mm x 1100mm bale dimension.

Greenbank’s waste and recycling balers are capable of producing high density, mill quality bales. The enclosed power pack has proven to reduce power consumption, contributing to a lower carbon footprint.

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Key Benefits

Mill Size Bales

The GB80-65T produces square edged, mill size bales. These are ideally sized to maximise the payload on a collection lorry, thus maximising your rebate for the material and reducing the number of collections necessary.

Large Hopper

This baler features an open splayed hopper which opens to a width of 2.7m. This makes the loading process quick and easy.

Key Features

  • High Quality, Square Edged, Mill Sized Bales
  • Large Open Flared Hopper (Standard Option)
  • IP55 Rated for Outdoor Use

Optional Fitouts

  • Bin Tippers for 120-1100 Litre Wheeled Carts
  • 4 Wire Horizontal Ties
  • Fast Cycle Options from 47 seconds
  • Text & Email GSM Notification System
  • Range of Powerpack & Motor Options
  • Custom Hopper Design & Fit Out


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