X40Vertical Baler

The X40 vertical baler is a wide, low profile, quiet machine that fits under a 2.4 meter ceiling. Bale sizes are comprehensive at a full 400 kg.

This is a heavy duty low profile option with the capability of handling plastic bottles, aluminium cans, cardboard and stretch wrap. Bales are produced at a minimum of 400kg and with noise levels similar to that of an office printer you can be sure it’s not going to disrupt the working environment. The X40 offers a press force of 40t whilst producing bale weights of cardboard between 375 and 550 kg. Plastic is higher at 400 – 600kg.

If you require a baler that will easily handle a range of waste materials, is relatively quiet and easy to install, the X40 is ideal.

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Key Benefits

Low Noise

The X40 vertical baler is much quieter than most other balers (59-60dB compared to 75dB) – this makes it as quiet as an office printer.

Additional Revenue

Your recycled bales can be sold to recyclers for a rebate, allowing you to make money from your waste.

Key Features

  • Minimum 400 kg bale of cardboard
  • Less than 2,36 metre installed height
  • Can be used for cardboard, stretch wrap, PET, alu cans etc.

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