X50Vertical Baler

The Bramidan X50 baler is designed for businesses who demand a high-quality and, most importantly, a reliable machine. It’s perfect for retail stores or other facilities which require a baler with a low profile.

It offers a superior press force of 50T meaning that it can handle whatever you throw at it – from cardboard and paper to aluminum and tin cans.

The X50 has a large filing opening and a fast cycle time of only 28 seconds, making this baler easy to operate on a daily basis.

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Key Benefits

Large Bales

The X50 produces sizable bales of between 350-450 kg for cardboard and 400-500 kg for plastic foil.

High Compression

This machine offers a high compaction ratio, even for expandable materials.

Key Features

  • Effective operation – Due to a fast cycle time
  • Easy installation – With a low overall height
  • Safe and steady opening of door – Operated by a strong threaded spindle

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