B3 Vertical Baler for Cardboard | Plastic

Vertical balers are used to bale recyclables into solid blocks, these are referred to as bales. This reduces the need for wheelie bins on site whilst also reducing the costs and environmental impact of waste collections. In time the bales are collected by a waste processor for revenue. 

If you are looking to combine high compaction with a small footprint and low height, the B3 Baler is the right machine to further investigate. This modestly sized model at 940 x 715 x 1885mm will fit perfectly within smaller companies searching for more efficient waste solutions. The B3 produces bale weights of 30-50kg with cardboard and 40-60kg with plastic. 

We appreciate that we offer a comprehensive range of vertical balers, our technical sales team are more than happy to help you find the right baler for you. 

How do I use a vertical baler?

We’ve put together a handy video showing you the full process below, click launch video.

  1. Recyclables such as plastic or cardboard are hand fed through until realistically full.
  2. A full-light indicator tells you when the chamber is full.
  3. Tie off the bale using strapping or wire and eject the finished bale.
  4. Remove the bale and store until collection from your waste processor.
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Press Force


Waste Volume


Feed Opening

WxH (mm) 770 x 460

Bale Size

WxDxH (mm) 770 x 500 x 600

Bale Weight (KG)


Waste Types

Cardboard, Plastic Foil, Paper

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B3 Vertical Baler for Cardboard | Plastic


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Who will buy my bales?
We can put you in contact with local recycler who will collect and buy your stored cardboard or plastic bales.
Can I use this for cardboard and plastic?
Yes, you can easily use the same machine for both cardboard and plastic, but not at the same time. We recommend that you sort your waste and make separate bales.
How do I know which baler model I need?
What type of equipment you need depends on a number of factors: How much waste you (approx.) generate daily, what material it is, and the volume of the material. Next step is to find out how much space you have for a waste solution. This information, combined with your company’s structure and internal work processes, forms the basis for which tailored waste solution is the perfect fit for you and your company. Our dedicated team of specialists can help you with this decision.

Not found the question you're looking for? Contact us and a member of the team will be happy to help.

Product Features

  • High compaction, low profile

    The B3 baler offers high compaction but with its low-profile can fit in very small spaces.

  • Safety first design

    From the loading to removal of bales the B3 Baler offers exceptional safety

A safety first low-profile baler
  • This baler complies with EU Safety Standard EN16500
  • Operates on single phase power supply
  • The B3 has a small footprint and low height
Technical Specifications
Bale weight cardboard (kg) 30-50
Bale weight plastic foil (kg) 40-60
Bale size WxDxH (mm 770 x 500 x 600
Press force (t)3
Power supply 1x230V 50Hz 10A
Motor (kW)1,1
Noise Level (dB) 65-68
Cycle time avg. (sec) 24
Dimensions WxDxH (mm)975 x 715 x 1985
Machine weight (kg) 290
Feed opening WxH (mm) 770 x 460
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