This week someone asked us what we mean by smart waste management solutions. After all, isn’t waste management simply about packing and removing waste?

There’s actually a lot more to it than that, though we were flattered we made it look so easy! When we talk about waste solutions, we don’t just mean taking away your waste. We mean solutions that work for your whole business and help achieve your company’s aims.

When clients come to us, it’s not always because they’re dissatisfied with their current waste provider. Quite the opposite; most have a waste provider who does their job – rarely seen or heard from unless there’s an issue, and for most companies that’s good enough. But what Greenbank offers is more than waste disposal products and services; it’s a complete service that integrates with our clients’ companies and continually finds ways to improve and streamline their operations. To most customers, we’re an extra department, only without the cost of having us in-house.

Smart waste management solutions that work toward your goals

We’re different to most waste management companies because we work closely with clients to provide smart solutions to the waste problems they face as a company. We ask what’s important to them. Many tell us that they focus on the bottom line, and cost is their number one priority. Others tell us that they need to reduce their carbon footprint. Some say their staff are overstretched and recycling takes much more time than it should. Others want more efficient waste systems but do not have the floor space. Landlords tell us their tenants all produce different amounts of waste and they need a fair way to invoice them.

We deal with all of these issues on a regular basis. Many customers are surprised that a waste management company can impact all these areas, which is why we offer ideas for smarter working. When you work smarter, the benefits reach many areas of your business.

Cost effective waste management

For customers who want to save money, we have many solutions. We can look at your current waste management processes and advise where you can save money. For many companies this might mean making sure machinery is working efficiently. Waste disposal machinery in good working order will handle more waste, meaning fewer collections are required. And fewer collections mean less money spent.

We reduced collections for one of our clients, Deli Solutions, from twice a week to once a fortnight. That means they now pay only a quarter of the collection costs they used to.

This is just one example of many ways that we help reduce costs for customers. We’ll go into further detail on cutting costs in a future blog.

Reducing your carbon footprint

We mentioned above that combining efficient machinery with a smart waste management strategy reduces collections. It also reduces your carbon footprint. Partly because the machines themselves are more energy efficient, but mostly because when fewer collections are required, there are less trucks on the road producing emissions. If you look at the example of Deli Solutions above, instead of having trucks going to and from their site twice a week, they’re now only required once a fortnight.

Saving staff time

A client once told us that recycling was becoming an issue amongst staff, who had many duties to do and simply didn’t have the extra time to worry about recycling processes. It’s a common concern that waste management takes up a lot of staff time, but in reality the opposite is true. When you have a defined process and the right equipment, it takes less time. Products like bin lift systems make tasks easier, and the process of using them is so straightforward there is little room for error.

Space saving waste management

In the past, waste machinery was huge. And if you needed a baler, compactor and recycling bins, you’d better be prepared to rent more space to house them. Fortunately, modern technology has caught up and machinery is now made much smaller without losing any of its capacity.

As well as our modern efficient machinery, we offer space saving machines. So whatever space you have available, we can provide suitable options to make it work for you.

Waste management for landlords

After speaking to many landlords, business parks and shopping centres we found a common problem: their tenants all used the waste facilities differently, and many light users were unhappy they had to pay the same rates as heavy users. After much research and development, we introduced the C’Bizz system. C’Bizz is an information system that weighs material as it is put into a compactor. Each tenant or user has their own key, and the system intelligently weighs their waste and feeds information back to the landlord. The landlord can then invoice tenants depending on how much waste they actually produce. We’ve had lots of great feedback on this solution, with clients telling us their tenants are now much happier with the service they receive.

Smarter working for effective waste management

Yes, we make waste cost less. But we also help clients work smarter. We free up space, save on labour costs and allow companies to be more productive. We show clients that there is a better way to do things, and that the benefits are further reaching than purely waste management.

Speak to us about your company’s aims, whatever they might be, and we’ll tell you how we can help you reach it.

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