Waste compactors are generally used by companies with high volumes of low-value mixed waste. Compactors are designed to compress the waste to reduce the volume of space required. 

On average, waste collected can cost from £150 – £500 per tonne, so compacting your waste provides an opportunity to reduce the number of collections required, often providing savings of thousands of pounds per year. Our static waste compactors reduce overall business waste by up to 90%.

Typically, waste compactors handle the disposal of general waste or voluminous waste such as broken pallets, however, if you have an adequate volume of each recyclable, a baler may be more beneficial. 


Static Waste Compactors

Static waste compactors are placed in situ permanently with the waste container connected. When full, this container is disconnected and replaced by an empty one via a waste service provider, ready to refill and start the process again. This ensures minimum downtime on site.

Portable Waste Compactors

Portable compactors are fully enclosed units that tend to be used for general waste or waste with high amounts of liquid residue. When full, the entire unit is taken away to be emptied and then returned to site, generally within the hour. 

As an enclosed compactor, there’s no mess or leakage, keeping the site environment safe and clean. The portable compactor range comes in various capacity sizes and we also offer a self-cleaning fully leak-proof compactor – perfect for food producers handling wet waste.

Both compactors allow for various feed options, the user can fill the compactor by hand via hopper, by bin lifter, forklift, at dock level or through a chute. If low loading is preferred, we offer the PSC8 portable compactor. With a low feeding opening of 1.3m, the compactor can be loaded without stretching, making it easier for operators.

If you’d like to explore our latest range of portable compactors, make sure to download our portable compactor brochure. 

Explore Our Range of Portable Compactors

In our brochure, you can explore our range of portable compactors and their specifications.Our waste balers and compactors guarantee a reduction in labour costs, improvements in on-site safety and even new revenue streams.

Simply click here to download your brochure.

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