This post looks at what you can do with polystyrene and how to make money from it.

If your company sends its waste polystyrene to landfill along with the rest of its waste, you’re missing a trick!

Used polystyrene is in high demand – so much so that certain recyclers pay good money for it. Greenbank is helping more and more companies do this, creating an extra revenue stream through polystyrene compactors.

Can you send polystyrene to landfill?

The answer is yes. It’s not a good idea however. Sending polystyrene to landfill has certain costs attached. This method of waste removal is also not very environmentally friendly and makes no sense when there are alternative options that include an additional revenue stream.

What should I do with used polystyrene?

Polystyrene is the perfect waste material to compact and sell on to recyclers. If your company regularly deals with polystyrene, this could prove lucrative in the long run. Organisations in any industry have the ability to sell used polystyrene to recyclers. Small quantities can be uneconomic to recycle, but many companies store compacted polystyrene and have recyclers collect when there is enough to make it worthwhile.

Recycling polystyrene

The polystyrene recycling process is straightforward. First, polystyrene must be compacted. Greenbank offers a range of compactors so whether you need a new one or simply wish to upgrade, we can help.

Compacted polystyrene needs to be stacked onto pallets ready for collection. Recyclers sell the waste material in bulk to re-processors. It will then be turned into items such as picture frames or skirting boards.

How much money can I get for recycled polystyrene?

Prices do vary but in the current market you will receive on average, £200 per tonne. Many companies make this form of waste an additional revenue stream. To find out the latest prices and how much you can expect to make, speak to us.

In terms of effort, very little is required, especially in comparison to the additional revenue generated. If your company produces just small amounts of polystyrene, you can come to an agreement with the recycler for them to wait until you have a certain number of pallets before it is collected. This is typically 5 pallets but can vary.

Polystyrene and waste backhaul

Polystyrene takes up a lot of space in site wheelie bins. Instead it can be shredded or compacted, stacked on pallets and returned to your central distribution centre. This will substantially reduce the waste costs at stores and generate a healthy revenue back at the central location.

What about contamination levels?

Dirty polystyrene is fine and can still be recycled. Typical applications include fish box material, and this is certainly no problem for recycling. There are existing recycling routes that pay a healthy return for this product.

Ready to turn your waste polystyrene into cash?

Greenbank can help you start the process of selling used polystyrene. Speak to us to find out about the process, how much you can expect to earn and the best compactor to use. We can also introduce you to the recyclers who will buy your used polystyrene.

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