What’s the ROI on your baler?

What’s the ROI on your baler?

In 2013, Greenbank installed a HPK 50 at a site in Newark, since then it has created over 32,000 bales, the equivalent to 15,000 tons of cardboard.

Currently, the average price of a cardboard ton is around £100 – £122 although it’s important to mention that during the summer months the average price per ton of cardboard was considerably higher, reaching £143 in July.

Now for the fun part..

15,000 (tons) x £90 (conservative cardboard price) = £1, 350, 000 in just four years

Impressive? Not bad for a baler that retails at just £129,000, this gives a return on investment of just 4.6 months.

If you think there is extra revenue to be made from your waste equipment, however large or small, contact a member of the team to arrange your free waste audit.

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