Thanks to GDPR regulations your company is responsible for the proper handling of confidential data, ensuring that it is both stored and (where necessary) destroyed correctly.

We held a Q&A with our Technical Sales Consultant, Adrian Saltmarsh to find out more about confidential shredding.

What sector would you say would benefit most from confidential shredding?

It’s definitely worth considering within all sectors if you handle customer data, although from recent experience the retail and e commerce sector has been most affected.

Can shredders be added to existing equipment?

Yes, a shredder can be a small stand alone unit or integrated into a larger waste system.

The shredded material can be either collected in a bag and disposed of or baled, on a larger system the shred can fall directly onto a conveyor or into a baler.

Can I bale shredded paper?

Yes, shredded paper bales very well in the correct machine, shredded paper can often cause a mess, we therefore supply bagging systems for horizontal balers.

What materials can I shred?

Almost any material can be shredded. Normally polythene or cardboard that carry customer name and address labels are the largest consideration when conforming to GDPR regulations.

Bespoke options?

All bespoke situations have a solution somewhere. With a wide range of standard options it gives scope to build a bespoke unit to fit within your application.

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