B20Vertical Baler

The B20 vertical baler is a highly flexible machine and can be used in various situations such as larger retail shops, stores and different industries. It is ideal for businesses that need to efficiently manage cardboard waste, plastic bags and paper.

The B20 baler features a 20t press force and a filling opening of 1200mm x 48mm, ideal for handling larger cardboard boxes.

The chamber is equipped with rows of barbs and helps to keep waste materials down. The barbs even work on extremely expandable materials.

The machine itself is straightforward to operate and the traditional construction ensures low costs. When a bale is complete a two-hand operation automatically ejects it.

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Key Benefits

Lower your carbon footprint

By reducing the space that your waste takes up, you lower the amount of collections necessary, thus reducing your business’s carbon footprint.

Additional revenue stream

Recyclable bales can be sold for a profit, turning your waste management into a revenue generator.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to replace baler strapping – They are placed in the front
  • Automatic ejection – Two-hand operation ejects the bale
  • Large filling opening – Advantage when handling larger boxes

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